Construction & Architecture

  • New construction: residential and commercial.
  • Old house: modernisation, historic preservation and renovation of energy whilst keeping the technical and functional aspects. Protection of the identity of the building.
  • Showrooms and exhibition stands.
  • City planning ( PAP et PAG ); Planner and developer certified by the Luxembourg government.
  • Landscape architect and interior designer
  • Project Management
  • Expertise / technology in construction

Expertise in construction technologies

  • Preparation of expert reports for damage and value estimations
  • Advice for complex construction details (joints, flat roofing, contact with soil components, etc. )
  • Construction supervision
  • Failure analysis (cause and repair )
  • “Cadastre vertical” / grinds


  • Energy consulting, in particular for the setup of “energy consulting” applications for public subsidies
  • Luxembourg government certified expert for housing energy (Energiepass). Consumption and calculation for residential and non-residential buildings
  • Deep drilling applications (heat pump) and applications for “commodo-incommodo”
  • Home automation can be fully planned by our office, written and monitored * ie) expert on passive houses and zero-energy this time for the construction of houses that technology *; the calculation of linear thermal bridges
  • Member of the Working Group of the Chamber of Luxembourg Architects (OAI ) (Member of the Working Group CEP / OAI)
  • Certified expert for “Carnet de l’habitat” and “LUNAZ” Certificate of Luxembourg sustainability building