Low energy house in Junglinster

  • Owner:
    Philippe Trierweiler and Joëlle Pierrard
  • Address:
  • Year:
  • Usable surface:
    180 m2
  • Cost:
    € 348.000,-
  • Partners:
    Engineering office Otmar Schmitz

Compact architecture of an one-family house for economical and ecological reasons (optimised thermal specifications). Specific orientation of the building to optimize solar impact. Calculation & design of technical and energetical aspects.

  • Heat-pump for heating, ground/water system (4 holes at 45m deep)
  • Solar collectors for domestic warm water
  • Efficient thermal envelope ( Energieeffizienzklasse “B” according to the energy passport)
  • Solar impact: sunscreen (for the summer) through the recessed windows (flat roof above 1.40 m; door overhang) to prevent direct and long sunlight. In contrary to autumn, winter and spring: solar gain
  • ground floor slab: high-performance thermal insulation material with ” Misapor© ” ( recycled glass) , “U” value = 0,10 W / mK
  • No ” insulating facade “: NOT “packaged” and closed with styrofoam instead of using the classic bricks (Bisotherm© classic SW -Plus) with high performance thermal insulation and phonetic level.
  • Thermal insulation material: mineral wool
  • Cladding (partially): wood “Ipe” with FSC certificate (= from a controlled producer, pushing wood)

Article from the magazine WUNNEN

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