plus-energie house in Eisenborn

  • Owner:
    Pa Schu
  • Address:
  • Usable surface:
    180 m2
  • Surface:
    Separate office: 50m2


  1. Passive House with annual energy consumption <15 kWh/m2 (see: <1.5 liters of fuel oil per year per m2)
  2. Geothermal heat pump with natural cooling (= existing energy-free use (in summer ) & natural cooling from the ground)
  3. Controlled ventilation with “enthalpy function” ( = moisture recovery from the exhaust air in winter) : ie : the room air does not dry too much from ( phenomenon in winter) and hydraulic ground heat exchanger : About the brine circuit is fresh air in the house either preheated ( winter) or pre-cooled (summer)
  4. The annual current account ( ventilation, heating, hot water and household electricity ) is smaller than the energy by means of photovoltaic – PLUS – energy house
  5. Need for complex building technology , or ” home automation ” . No wind or solar control, etc. The best technique is no technique . So already the sun was in the CAD model checked simulating to use with structural measures, the sun only when it is desired in the design of the stand / course . Besides achieving the projections of the masonry and roof also protects the window frame and reduce the dirt entry to the large lenses ( cleaning & maintenance! )
  6. Foreign and innenarchitekton . simple, unpretentious materials and detailed solutions was chosen. It is not “presented” to be lived , but . Yet this cost should be saved. Building in Luxembourg is already expensive. So let’s leave a little air in your wallet for other delights…
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